Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge

by Edward O. Wilson, read in 2002

6 Wilson's apostasy
32 Deism and Theism
33 Reason vs. revelation
33 Conditional desire for proof of God's existence
39 Typical scientists' views of the big picture - none
40 Postmodernism vs. Enlightenment
40 Postmodernism
41 Deconstruction
43 Foucault and existentialist despair
46 Superiority of science as a method of learning
53 Definition of science
57 Culture and character of scientists
58 Wilson's description of mind
61 The proper task of science
93 Science, Art, and Patronage
93 The hard questions of biology
94 Assumption that mind is matter
112 Natural and contrived smiles
112 Emotion
115 Meaning, decision making, mood, creativity, insanity
116 The hard problem: subjective experience
117 Art
118 Free will and self
120 Free will, determinism, and chaos
198 Economy and Economists
198 Four qualities of a good theory
223 Biases of epigenetic rules - 2 of my 4 purposes of life!
229 Paleolithic football fans
239 Hate for the love of God
268 Greatest gaps in science
278 Two definitions of humans
280 Current state of the environment
286 Summary of the future of resources and climate
287 Recent Rwandan history
292 Basic flow of Economics
292 What economists and business leaders need to do.

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