Quantum Evolution

by: Johnjoe McFadden, read in 2003

77 God's intervention in evolution
114... Biochemistry of muscle action
160 Superposition in muscle cell chemistry
175 Quantum Mechanics essentials
175 QM mysteries
175 QM and thought
176 Superposition in muscle cell chemistry
177 "Measurement" (thought?) essential to enzyme action
177 Mutations too!
181 Quantum measurements and eigenstates
182 State vector = Plato's form casting a shadow?
182 Quantum jumps cause shape changes
179,83 Does the order of the lenses matter or not??!
187 Who's "we" white man? (wwwm?)
202 wwwm?
258 Definition of 'life'
296 A "consciousness field"
297 Brain as radio receiver
298 Brain wave source is unknown
303 Consciousness compared with radio
306 "Emergence" explanation of consciousness - baloney
308 Dualism explained. Conscious mind = energy field
309 Communication necessary for demonstrable consciousness. - Why not go a step further and posit the "energy field" to be a communication link with "the one"?
313 Quantum events "making a difference"; Free will
315 Critique: McFadden has not explained how the integrated cem field has gained, or even how it can have at all, the capacity to know the high level state of high level structures. Conscious awareness and free will require such knowledge.
315 This suggests a communication link with "The One"

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