The Emperor's New Mind

By: Roger Penrose, read in 1990

226 What minds might be
296 Doubts about many-worlds
298 Why does our world behave classically? possible answers suggested
366 The need for a new mathematical space
367 When the state vector reduces
371 Significance of time in Physics
379 General description of cerebrum functions (plan for an android??)
382 Consciousness and dreaming
386 Tacit criterion for consciousness seems to be the convincing a la Turing Test
407 Is consciousness detectable?
412 Hallmark of consciousness: judgement forming [Jaynes refutes this] (445)
416 Evidence against 2nd Law of Thermodynamics
419 Feeling of certainty
426 Continuity of self and sleep
432 Free will (also 169,170,431)
433 Implicit assumption that we sentient beings must exist
443 Consciousness merely a spectator? (446)
443 Conscious involvement in quick reaction [compare to Jaynes]
443 Consciousness is the only requirement for time to flow
444 Can we be 'wrong' about perceptions?
445 Seeing a necessary truth
448 Consciousness exchange
449 Concern about not knowing which of several instances of self one is

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