The Sense of Being Stared At

by: Rupert Sheldrake, read in 2004

34 Penrose and Platonism
192 Science is not rationalism
202 Theory of vision leaves experience of perception unexplained
204 Cognitive Psychology
205 Main argument for dualism: weakness of materialism
207 "Perceptual fields are rooted in the brain". - I disagree
207-8 Where is sentience located? If in the brain, then the cell-phone metaphor of radio waves explains perception if and only if "someone" else is outside the brain. If outside the brain, then the NMR-MRI metaphor explains everything.
225 Questions to examine when temporal dimensions become spatial:
Does precognition mean the future is determined in advance?
Does it mean that free will is impossible?
Does it lead to paradoxes whereby knowledge of the future affects the present, which in turn can change the future?
251 Precognition depends on subject's future experience
278 The problem of protein folding
279 Morphic fields contain memory - God's??
279 Morphic fields fundamental to mental processes
279 Cell-phone analogy belies the claim of being "rooted in the brain"
280 Brain activity suggests pattern recognition for "Upward Information"
280 But how do morphic fields impose order?
338 Reasons for doubting the standard genetic view of flocking
342 Descartes' view of the soul and the psyche

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