The User Illusion

by Tor Norretranders, read in 2001

Page Lines* Comments
ix 7-8 "The" fundamental question
13 9-11 Unfounded generalization of 2nd law of thermodynamics
14 5-7 Fire is Plasma?? I don't think so.
15 25-26 False implication that electric current has less entropy because of "order".
17 3-5 Giving a name: "equalization" doesn't explain increasing entropy
17 21-22 He ignores life as an "experience from everyday life"
24 22-24 Newton's Theology
24 32-33 Szilard made Maxwell's demon mortal
25 15-17 Szilard wrong: wisdom costs; not knowledge
34 5-8 How is a shuffled deck any different from an ordered deck?
36 1-6 Entropy sounds like my "downward information".
57 10-13 Church-Turing Thesis: "You can compute anything that has already been computed"
58 27- Kolmogorov and Greg Chaitin (Tor consistently mis-spells 'Kolmogorov')
59 35-39 Goofy definition of random numbers
60 7-39 B.S.
62 2-8 Order requires subjectivity
62 21-25 Wrong! Goedel's Theorem applies only if the system includes arithmetic
69 17 "It from bit" - John Wheeler
78 4-12 Definition of 'meaning'
78 20-21 My "Transfer of Omniscience"?
80 21-23 Notion of logical depth. It implies that the state of sender & receiver are primary
112 7-27 Music communication
120 1-2 Blood flow in brain - like current flow in cell phone
125 13-15 Two non sequiturs about consciousness
126 12-16 He mistakes perception for consciousness
137 38-39 He correlates consciousness with "what goes out" of a person
138 23-24 A character contains 2 bits??
139 30-32 Only process 16 bits/sec.
142 7-9 Awareness & automatic function: Which "summons" which??
177 5-20 James: The mind as sculptor
177 28-29 Kornhuber: The essence of consciousness - choice
181 27-34 Necker cube: I can do all the things he says I can't
181-5 Optical illusions
195 26-39 Nagel - the problem of other minds
206 9-17 Crick on the significance of consciousness
207 12-39 Summary - dubious
208 12-13 Has exformation "actually" been discarded? If so, how is it "excited"?
208 26-27 True. But conscious experience contains vast amounts of info from somewhere else. Consider looking at the night sky.
208 29 Maybe there is another "entry"??
216 18-20 I disagree that we experience the decision to act immediately prior
216 31-34 Myriad prior contributing decisions lead up to each single decision event
219 29-31 Yes, but, the prior contributing decisions were carried out long before. e.g. decision to participate in experiment, follow instructions, etc.
220 14-15 But our consciousness 'sets up' the "decision"
221 1-2 Instead of defining 'capacity' as a bit rate, define it as scope; consider the capacity of being conscious of the night sky! billions of cubic light years!
221 4 "Feeling the urge to act" is not the same as deciding to act
221 28-31 Consciousness is aware of "immediate...decisions", but is not the cause of them. The cause is the 'setup' & the laws of physics. Consciousness causes the 'setup' probably via quantum hidden variables.
221 24-39 Strawman argument. Consciousness is not a product...
222 8-12 A. Consciousness is "in charge" same as with a car or cell phone
222 13 Yes, definitely: there are problems in his notion of consciousness!
222 23-39 Huh??!
223 3-8 Yes.
223 9-12 No. It explains the readiness potential of a consequence of thought
223 29-33 Reality may be "hair-raisingly complicated"
224 1-3 Most of what goes on in a car is unconscious
239 10-14 Penrose: Consciousness may not obey rules of time
243 17-39 Consciousness as veto
244 7-9 To the contrary: we control our urges but not our actions
244 30-33 The Golden Rule is questioned
245 35-36 Jewish vs. Christian morality
247 22-27 If Jaynes was right, Jesus' timing for conscious morality was proper
286 27-36 Peculiarities of consciousness - all debatable
288 18-19 We can be conscious of the delay (rattlesnake or thumb tack). We typically just don't pay attention. It tells us that if we are interested.
288 23-29 This seems to prove that the information is not discarded!
288 36-39 This "image we have" is far more profound than mere perception
289 14-17 The "illusion" is not the "core" but merely the perception of consciousness
290 8 No! Consciousness is experienced as depth; the world is perceived as surface
292 26-28 Dawkins' condition may be necessary but it is not sufficient
293 5-6 Who or what is the "we" that experiences???
297-8 8- Story of guy receiving sight for 1st time late in life
326 32-36 Feynman: Mind? Last week's potatoes?
410 5-14 Summary of errors. Every statement in these 3 paragraphs is wrong.
410 35-36 Who or what is "the person who carries consciousness around"??
413 38-39 The "sublime" is too high on Maslow's list to be sought by "almost everybody"
417 13-15 I think Tor completely mis-interprets and misunderstands Maxwell

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