Just Six Numbers

by: Martin Rees, read in 2001

2-3 The six numbers: the relative strength ratio between electromagnetism and gravity, the strength of the strong nuclear force, the amount of material in the universe, the measure of the cosmic 'antigravity' force, the ratio of two fundamental energies, and the number, 3, of spatial dimensions.
3 4D life can't exist??
59 Doppler effect
62 Galactic recession > light speed?
71 Eternity - Woody Allen: "Eternity is very long, especially towards the end."
75 Cosmic assumptions: There are many more: C is constant, red shift is caused by Doppler effect, distance to object is known, etc.
93 Evidence against "tired light" effect.
135-6 Inverse square laws - effect of manifolds is ignored.
134-5 Regular polygons, polyhedra, ...
153 Tacit assumption that extra dimensions are compactified
158 Surprising statement that recent cosmological progress is due more to observation than theory!
159 'Three scientific frontiers - cosmology involves them all" what about consciousness?
160 Emergent concepts.

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