The Nag Hammadi Library

edited by: James M. Robinson, read in 2007
27 The Prayer of the Apostle Paul
29 The Apocrophon of James
38 The Gospel of Truth
48 The Word and the Will
49 Significance of the Name
50 Pleroma
52 The Treatise on the Resurrection
54 "The Treatise on the Resurrection" is completely consistent with my current world-view.
58 The Tripartite Tractate
68-71 The Aeons (the hyper-dimensional hierarchy of beings)
71 Profound!! It tells how God's free will is acted out through us as individuals.
72 "Those who know don't tell; those who tell don't know" - except for the brash Logos.
72 The discovery of God's imperfection and finiteness
80 Destruction of species of non-thinking plants and animals
81 Time, space, and matter
104 The Apocryphon of John
109 Hierarchy of Aeons
124 The Gospel of Thomas
139 The Gospel of Philip
161 The Hypostasis of the Archons
170 On the Origin of the World
190 The Exegesis on the Soul
193 "On the Exegesis of the Soul" - Sounds like there is only one soul which multiplexes among humans. -- Just as I thought.
199 The Book of Thomas the Contender
208 The Gospel of the Egyptians
209 Reminiscent of Seth's description of the primordial structure and organization
210 Vowel strings as invisible mystery
215 The universe as a result of projection of images down through a hyper-spatial hierarchy
220 Eugnostos the Blessed and The Sophia of Jesus
233 Construction of reality from thought. -- Sounds familiar.
244 The Dialog of the Savior
250 Jesus: "The earth does not move".
256 The Apocalypse of Paul
260 The (First) Apocalypse of James
269 The (Second) Apocalypse of James
277 The Apocalypse of Adam
287 The Acts of Peter and the Twelve Apostles
295 The Thunder: Perfect Mind
297 "The Thunder: Perfect Mind" is a lengthy statement that there exists only a single conscious mind.
300 The mind is the ability to know and to will
303 Consciousness is ontologically fundamental. No?
304 Authoritative Teaching
311 The Concept of Our Great Power
318 Plato, The Republic
321 The Discourse on the Eighth and Ninth
328 The Prayer of Thanksgiving and Scribal Note
330 Asclepius 21-29
339 The Paraphrase of Shem
362 The Second Treatise of the Great Seth
372 Apocalypse of Peter
379 The Teachings of Silvanus
381 Importance of mind and reason
384 The divinity of reason
384 Know thyself
384 Penrose's three worlds: "the earth...the formed...the created", i.e. matter, thought, and mind.
384 The mind is the image of God.
384 The soul [details worth examining and developing]
385 The sharing of a single soul
385 Beware the adversary
396 The Three Steles of Seth
397 Seth: God is mind
402 Zostrianos
402 Zoroaster's NDE account of the levels of reality
403 The triad, or trinity, of existence, mind, and life
403 Plotinus
427-9 Magical vowel strings. These suggest a fundamental repetitive pattern which is not unlike EM radiation which would account for light being a primordial essence of reality. I.e., Mind could imagine the repetition, thus generating light, thus allowing shadows, images, etc.
429 NDE. Much like my dentist chair experience
431 The Letter of Peter to Philip
438 Melchizedek
445 The Thought of Norea
448 The Testimony of Truth
460 Marsanes
463 Perception (via OBE/NDE?) of the structure of the aeon hierarchy headed by the Three-Powered One
466 Magic vowel strings
467 Magic vowels and the shape of the soul
467 Consonants constitute the nomenclature of the angels.
468 Nomenclature combinations sort of like our naming of drugs
472 The Interpretation of Knowledge
481 A Valentinian Exposition with On the Anointing, On Baptism A and B, and On the Eucharist A and B
490 Allogenes
493 The triad of Vitality (Life), Mentality, and That-Which-Is in a rock-paper-scissors type of relationship, a la Penrose.
498 Descriptions of God - He is not perfect.
501 Hypsiphrone
503 The Sentences of Sextus
509 Fragments
511 Trimorphic Protennoia
513 Thought as fundamental to existence
520 The role of thought, light, word in the development of the All of reality
521 The Father gained knowledge of the aeons later on. -- just as I thought.
523 The Gospel of Mary
528 The Act of Peter
532 Afterword: The Modern Relevance of Gnosticism

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