The Unknown Spirit

by Jean Charon read in 1997 and 2008

15 "Could that which thinks and knows in each human being consist of something like those microscopic individualities which carry "thought" in the universe and which were called eons (or aeons) by the ancient Gnostics? They would possess human knowledge for they are the ones who "think" this knowledge. But their knowledge far exceeds human knowledge. For instance, they must know how to create life."
16 The "eons" do not drive my spirit; "I" am these eons themselves. The neo-Gnostic attitude not only does not make Man a "mere puppet" manipulated by others, but suggests that our being directly participates in the whole spiritual adventure of the world, an adventure that has its roots in the origin of our universe and that will end with it."
34 The reason why spirit space-time has gone unnoticed: "[I]t is only to be found inside minute elementary particles in the constitution of matter."
34 Definition of 'God': "principle of eternity"
40 "in 1915, in General Relativity, [Einstein] maintained that space was not at all an "empty" framework solely used to contain physical phenomena. Space was itself the "substance" constituting the essence of phenomena."
44 Implications of one extra dimension.
47 "[I]s it not the mind/Spirit itself which is the unifying principle of observed phenomena?"
48 Complex Relativity
49 Speculation for the solution to the problem of where the mass of an electron is since the electron is of zero size (point particle): in an extra dimension!
53 "As soon as we have crossed the eye of the black hole,...time and space, as understood in our universe, suddenly reverse their roles."
53 The relativity metric equations show the interchange of time and space dimensions when entering a black hole.
54 "[P]hysical phenomena in black holes go backwards in time."
55 Characteristics of black hole space-time; life-like.
55 "[T]he electron has a structure that makes it into a micro black hole: a geometry with a space-time exactly similar to that of black holes or, in the end, a space-time of the Spirit."
64 "The electron is a veritable micro-universe. It possesses a cyclical time which enables it to reactivate past states of its own space. In this micro-universe, phenomena take place with increasing negative entropy, i.e. it continually increases its informational content. In short, the electron contains the space-time of Spirit within itself, in "communication" with that of other electrons."
66 Life seems to be free from the laws of entropy.
66 "One could argue that it is not the phenomenon of life which orders and uses individual elementary particles, but it is rather the organisation inherent in the particles which orders and uses life forms." Spirit is the 'driver' of life forms.
66 "Such an attitude would imply that the limit of our microscopes has limited our concept of the initiating source of life's organisation." Yes. Think about the moving microscopic pictures of mitosis.
67 A solution to the problem of memory in my cosmology.
98 "[T]his "I" that we know is a subsidiary part of the store of information available to the elementary electron matter which constitutes our body."
127 "Reflection, Knowledge, Love, Action" are similar to my Enjoy, Learn, Help, Create.
159 Cosmogony narrative according to neo-Gnostic physics
167 The four interactions are similar to my objectives of life: to appreciate, to learn, to create, and to help others.
178 "I also believe that there is a certain order followed by the electrons in this journey through the species." From what he says, it seems you only need to follow the food chain.

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