Radical Evolution

by: Joel Garreau, read in 2009

4 The four "GRIN" technologies: Genetic, Robotic, Information, and Nano Processes
6 We've tried Socratic reasoning and Buddhist enlightenment and Christian sanctification and Cartesian logic and the New Soviet Man. Our successes have ranged from mixed to limited, at best."
10 "..the entire 20th century can be described as an era of ideological, economic and military warfare over how to handle the great social upheavals created by this shift in technology and social affairs."
153 "Skinner's students once formulated the Harvard Law of Animal Behavior: 'Under controlled experimental conditions of temperature, time, lighting, feeding, and training, the organism will behave as it damned well pleases.'"
199 Lanier's tightrope of spiritual questions
199 "Lanier wants to stay open to the possibility that 'the world we manipulate here isn't all there is. The world accessible by technologies isn't all there is"

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