Parallel Worlds

by: Michio Kaku, read in 2009

71 Fritz Zwicky's remarks concerning his being cheated out of recognition and a Nobel Prize for predicting neutron stars. "spherical bastards".
145 " can a cat be dead and alive at the same tie? To answer this question, physicists have been forced to entertain two outrageous solutions: either there is a cosmic consciousness that watches over us all, or else there are an infinite number of quantum universes."
153 Quantum theory postulates'
165 "John Polkinghorne has said, 'The average quantum mechanic is no more philosophical than the average motor mechanic.'"
165 Wigner: "...the very study of the external world led to the conclusion that the content of the consciousness is the ultimate reality."
198 If string theory is correct, we now see that the Mind of God represents cosmic music resonating through ten-dimensional hyperspace. As Gottfried Leibniz once said, 'Music is the hidden arithmetic exercise of a soul unconscious that it is calculating.'"
199 If the program advocated by Kaluza was correct, then the universe was apparently much simpler than previously thought. Simply vibrating higher and higher dimensions reproduced many of the forces that ruled the world."
200 "...there was the much more disturbing physical question: why don't we see the fifth dimensions?"
200 "Since smoke is never observed to disappear into a higher dimension, physicists realized that higher dimensions, if they exist at all, must be smaller than an atom."
200 "...physicists scoffed at the idea, since no one had ever seen objects enter a higher dimension."
200 The "curling up" of higher dimensions.
200 The flawed "garden hose" explanation.
204 "...the duality between bosons and fermions, between forces and matter."
212 "Witten ... showed that if we take a membranelike theory in eleven dimensions and curl up one dimension, then it becomes ten-dimensional type IIa string theory!"
217 "In string theory, six of the higher dimensions must be wrapped up into a tiny ball, a Calabi-Yau manifold, too small to be observed with today's instruments. These six dimensions have all been compactified"
219 "...the vibrations on the surface of the three-brane correspond to the atoms we see around us. Thus, these vibrations never leave the three-brane and hence cannot drift off into the fifth dimension." Why doesn't this explain why we can't "see" higher dimensions?
220 "[Lisa] Randall says,, 'Additional spatial dimensions may seem like a wild and crazy idea at first, but there are powerful reasons to believe that there really are extra dimensions of space.'"
221 "...dark matter may be caused by the presence of a parallel universe." Just as I have suspected ever since I first heard of dark matter.
232 "Maldacena showed that there is a duality between this five-dimensional universe and its 'boundary,' which is a four-dimensional universe. Strangely enough, any beings living in this five-dimensional space would be mathematically equivalent to beings living in this four-dimensional space. There is no way to tell them apart."
252 I disagree. Flatlanders could exist by using the configuration of an interlocking jigsaw puzzle.
318 "... our brains can contemplate the most sublime thoughts without working up a sweat." Unwarranted assumption.
349 "If one subscribes to the Wigner interpretation of the Schrödinger cat problem, then we necessarily see the hand of consciousness everywhere. The infinite chain of observers, each one viewing the previous observer, ultimately leads to a cosmic observer, perhaps God himself."
350 "James Jeans ... once wrote, 'Fifty years ago, the universe was generally looked on as a machine ... When we pass to extremes of size in either direction--whether to the cosmos as a whole, or to the inner recesses of the atom--the mechanical interpretation of Nature fails. We come to entities and phenomena which are in no sense mechanical. To me they seem less suggestive of mechanical than of mental processes; the universe seems to be nearer to a great thought than to a great machine.'"
370 "... on purely group theoretic grounds, we can show that ten and eleven are preferred dimensions."
386 "Perhaps the reason why we don't see these other dimensions is either that they are curled up or that our vibrations are confined to the surface of a membrane."

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