Trial of a Thousand Years: World Order and Islamism

by Charles Hill, read in 2011

ix "the fall of the Berlin Wall on 11/9 in 1989 to 9/11."
11 "Dante made the separation of church and state a God-decreed imperative"
24 "Chesterton said, "The Reformation was a Christian mutiny during a Muslim invasion.""
49 "every major war of the modern age has been an ideologically driven attempt—no two alike—to overthrow and replace the Westphalian international state system."
90 "Consciously or not, the ayatollah's governmental structure was designed in accord with that described in Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Social Contract"
137 "democracy and the Westphalian system in which it operates neither require nor challenge any substantive commitment—ideological, religious, or otherwise—from its members. It requires only that each member adhere to a minimal number of practices and procedures that make it possible for states and other international entities to engage in working relationships even though they may be committed to vastly different substantive doctrines and objectives."
143 "No program or approach has yet been created that can deal with [the threat of the use of a nuclear weapon by an extremist group with "no known address"] within the time frame of the perceived danger."
144 "America must not give up its values, nor retreat by declaring we will live up to them by practicing them only at home or by telling ourselves that our values are no more worthy than any others selected at random from the world's many cultures."
145 "The modern international state every civilization's other civilization, addressing a natural need, much as diverse species depend upon a common ecosystem."
145 "A prominent aspect of the Westphalian system has been its relegation of religion to the margins of state-to-state world affairs. With the late twentieth-century rise of radical Islam, religion has returned as a factor in international security"
147 Huh? "It is not possible to apply sharia through the state; it can only be applied through acceptance by human beings." The argument for this conclusion by An-Na'im didn't make a lot of sense to me on first reading.
149 "Tocqueville...finds at the core of democracy in America the conviction that religion and liberty are compatible: that liberty sees religion as the cradle of its development while religion sees liberty as the arena for its practice."
153 "All parties agree about the role of religion in the pre-modern age: it was pervasive, central, powerful, and generally respected as a given of the human condition.

"The modern world, in sharp contrast, has defined itself against religion. Among the elites, religion is to be neutralized, marginalized, excluded, and often derided.'"
154 Kant: "Immaturity is the incapacity to use one's intelligence without the guidance of another."

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