My Stroke of Insight

by: Jill Bolte Taylor, Ph.D., read in 2016

111 "The energy of my spirit seemed to flow like a great whale gliding through a sea of euphoria. Finer than the finest of pleasures we can experience as physical beings..." Doesn't that mean that we aren't physical beings after all but instead "spirits"?
112 "I existed in some remote space that seemed to be far away from my normal information processing..." Sounds like you were simply in another dimension outside of the physical manifold.
115 "My soul was as big as the universe..."
117 "How on earth would I exist as a member of the human race with this heightened perception that we are each a part of it all, and that the life force energy within each of us contains the power of the universe?" How? By accepting the perception as reality. That's just the way it is.
196 "Before the stroke, I believed I was a product of this brain and that I had minimal say about how I felt or what I thought. Since the hemorrhage, my eyes have been opened to how much choice I actually have about what goes on between my ears." That's progress. Now just realize that your free will actually powers the universe.
224 "My right mind is open to the eternal flow whereby I exist at one with the universe. It is the seat of my divine mind, the knower, the wise woman, and the observer. It is my intuition and higher consciousness. My right mind is ever present and gets lost in time." Consider the real possibility that your right brain is directly connected to your mind which exists in higher dimensions.
226 "My right mind understands that I am the life force power of the fifty trillion molecular geniuses crafting my form!"
231 "I have found life to be too short to be preoccupied with pain from the past."

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