Introduction to "The Foundations of Physical Reality"

These pages will attempt to serve as an introduction to the work of Dr. Richard Stafford. In his book, "The Foundations of Physical Reality", he presents a detailed development of his ideas. His book is available at

In the pages linked below, Dick's ideas and discovery will be explained in layman's terms so that people who will not be able to follow the math in his book will still be able to comprehend what he has done by reading them. They will also help anyone who plans seriously to study Dick's work to give them a starting point. The essays that follow are arranged more or less from simple to more complex but they do not follow on one another. Each is independent but each one takes a slightly different attack on explaining the ideas. Even better is the preface to his book by Anssi Hyytiäinen. By reading them all, you should come away with a fair understanding of what Dick's book is all about.

Both Dick and I would be very interested in any comments or questions you might have about anything you find here. Please email me with your thoughts. Have fun reading!

A short abstract of Dick's work
Dick's explanation of his starting point
A longer abstract of Dick's work
An outline of Dick's paper
Dick's detailed description of his attack

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