Construction Journal Entry Week of 7/30/17

8/2-3/17 Ellen, Marielle, and I spent 1 night at Camp Serendipity: Wednesday through Thursday.

On the way up, we stopped and visited with Marilyn. George was on the hospital. From there, Marielle rode with Marilyn in her car and the four of us proceeded on to Leavenworth. We had lunch at Good Mood Foods and then we floated down the Wenatchee River on inner tubes.

Marilyn went back home afterward while Marielle, Ellen and I did a little shopping. Then we bought a dinner to go, took it to Camp Serendipity, moved our gear in, and then ate our dinner.

Ellen picked some blackberries, we all took showers and relaxed. Marielle chose to sleep on a cot in the living room. Ellen and I slept in the bedroom.

On Thursday morning after breakfast, we drove to the North State Park and hiked the river trail. Then we returned to Camp Serendipity and had our lunch.

After lunch, we packed up our gear and drove to the South State Park. Ellen and Marielle swam in the lake while I took some pictures and then snoozed in the shade under a tree. We left for home from there. It was a fun getaway.

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