Construction Journal Entry Week of 8/22/04

8/24-26/04 I went up to the property for 3 days: Tuesday through Thursday.

It was rainy and 58 degrees when I arrived at 1:45. There were no frogs in any of the 3 cans. The peanut was gone from the floor and the bait in the trap was nibbled but the trap was still set. That means that there are mice in there and the trigger on the trap is not sensitive enough to catch them.

I set up a scaffold tower in the loft so I could reach the ridgepole and the Grid C2 RPSL. While I was getting some planks off a woodpile on the porch, I uncovered a pack rat living in there. He is evidently just waiting for some opportunity to get back in the cabin. He's a slow learner.

I fed the pair of jays a few times and then I set up a tarp to keep the chips from falling out of the loft. I have decided to keep the place clean from now on so I don't want chips flying all over the place.

On Wednesday morning, my back felt much better than it had for a week. I was very glad of that. I fed the jays again and then sanded the logs and window frame between A3 and B3 and the bottom of the Grid B3 PSL. They are due for the second coat of varnish. I used Gus' vacuum cleaner as I sanded to keep the sanding dust from getting all over. It slows the sanding down a little but I think keeping the place clean will be worth it.

I strung another tarp in the loft to complete the job. Then I strung some power cords and lights up in the loft so I was ready to begin working on the ridgepole and RPSL. Just then, Dave and Collin came in the door. It was really good to see them. Dave hadn't seen the place since it had been chinked so the porch deck and the nice, clean varnished inside were new to him. We took the grand tour and had a nice visit before they had to leave.

I went to work on the ridgepole and RPSL with the planer, scraper, and gouge. I got the 8 feet I could reach from the scaffold ready for varnish. Then I broomed off the logs and swept off the scaffold planks.

On Thursday morning the trap was still set and all of the bait was nibbled off. I'll have to get some regular mouse traps. I fed the two jays and one chipmunk and then varnished all the prepared surfaces. Then I repaired the perch on Andrew's birdhouse and hung it in a tree where I can see it when I am lying in bed in the trailer. We'll see what kind of tenants we get, if any.

I left for home at 1:30.

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