Construction Journal Entry Week of 7/5/20

7/5-8/20 I went up to Camp Serendipity for 4 days: Sunday through Wednesday.

My schedule was moved up this week so I could be home on Thursday to take delivery of a new kitchen range. I arrived at 11:17 Sunday morning. The temperature was a nice 65 degrees. I took my gear up to the cabin and was delighted to see a tiny green tree frog parked under the corner of my front-porch mosquito fan. I turned the fan on and was happy that it didn't seem to disturb the little guy. I checked back periodically, and he stayed there all day.

After hoisting the flag, I had my usual lunch and nap. When I got up, I went up on the bluff and checked on the cedar trees. I was happy to see that they are all lush and thriving. There is a lot of new growth. One of them is already up to my eye level.

I inspected all of the giant sequoia trees. I was especially happy to see that Larry was green and bushy even though there isn't much new growth on the main stem. Larry is high on a hillside and doesn't get much sun. It is out of the way, so it gets the least of my attention. I was happy to see it doing so well. Next, I carried five gallons of water up to Andrew.

After returning to the cabin, I went to work laying flooring planks in the loft.

On Monday morning, I called the Building Department to schedule an inspection. I left a message for the inspector to call me so we could schedule it. Next, I called Gale Insulation and left a message for a representative to call me to arrange for a bid on insulating the floor.

Since I don't think I need to replace the failed dining room heater, I removed the mounting bracket from the wall and I installed an oak cover plate on the electrical box. Then I went up to the loft and laid flooring until it was time for lunch and a nap.

When I got up, I went out and irrigated Andrew. Then I went back to work laying flooring. When the exposed 4-foot swath was covered, I moved all the furniture from the floor above the kitchen onto the newly laid floor. That exposed that entire section of the subfloor.

On Tuesday morning I talked to Rich Campbell, the building inspector. He said he would come up to Camp Serendipity tomorrow, Wednesday, and inspect the joist hanger blocking at least. He said he would call me in the morning to let me know his schedule and when he would show up.

He also told me that I need to show him documentary proof of R38 insulation in the upstairs ceiling since I had nailed up the ceiling boards before they saw the insulation.

At 10:00, when I was up working on preparing the newly-exposed subfloor for flooring planks, I got dizzy. I thought it would subside in a few minutes, but instead it got worse. I felt really crummy. I measured my blood pressure and found that it was elevated from the normal reading I had taken at 6:30 of 114/77 to 167/95 at 10:30. That was the peak, however, and it gradually went back down to normal by nightfall.

Not knowing what to expect, I called Ellen and we discussed options and possibilities. We decided I should wait it out and see what happens. I didn't feel hungry, so I took my nap before I had my lunch. I was still feeling wobbly with bouts of vertigo and mild nausea after I got up.

I tried to lay flooring, I tried to read, and I listened to the radio, but I felt too crummy to enjoy anything but just sitting there. Eventually, I took my shower and had my dinner, feeling only a little bit better.

On Wednesday I was only slightly better, but I was still too sick to work. I spent the morning just sitting in an easy chair, listening to the radio, and waiting for a call from either the insulators or the inspector, but there was no call from anyone but Ellen. I left for home at 12:30 disappointed in my health and in the lack of response from the insulators and the inspector. Next week should be better.

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