Construction Journal Entry Week of 2/27/22

3/4/22 Ellen and I went up to Camp Serendipity for one day, Friday.

We had lunch at the 59er Diner on the way. That was a delight because it was the first time either of us had eaten inside the new, re-built diner since the original one had burned to the ground six years ago. During Covid, we had ordered food at the door and eaten outside, but now we were able to eat inside. Ellen checked out the ladies' room, and sure enough, a big photo of James Dean was in there again.

We arrived at Camp Serendipity at about noon. There had been a huge snowfall since I had been there last, so the concrete staircase was covered in snow. Someone had plowed the driveway and left a sheer wall of ice about 4 feet high blocking access to the stairs. After making a couple test runs, we figured that the easiest way to get to the cabin would be to snowshoe around the hairpin turn and up to the cabin. That is what we did, and it worked very well.

I had been diagnosed with anemia as a result of an injury, and the Doctor had ordered me to stay home from the mountains for at least two weeks in order to build my red blood cells back up. Ellen and I made the one-day trip to prepare the cabin for my extended absence. We set the thermostats way down; we retrieved some garbage; we brought home a plant so we could water it; I got my sheet music so I could practice at home; and a few other things.

Ellen also had the opportunity to see all the new light fixtures and some other small improvements I had made. After closing things up, we snowshoed back to the truck and drove home. It was a delightfully fun adventure together on a beautiful, sunny, scenic day.

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