Construction Journal Entry Week of 11/26/23

11/27-30/23 I went up to Camp Serendipity for four days: Monday through Thursday.

I arrived shortly after noon on a cold cloudy day. I brought my gear up in two loads, hoisted the flag, had my lunch and a nap, and overslept. I think I might have needed the sleep.

On Tuesday the temperature was 26 outside when I got up. I practiced the piano, listened to the radio a little bit, and walked to the grave. I used one of my new hiking poles and carried it most of the way.

After lunch and a nap, I went out and checked the cedar trees. I was surprised at how well some of them were doing; a couple were taller than me. Then I went into the Sequoia Grove and checked a few of the lower trees. They all looked pretty good.

Back in the cabin I worked on reducing the diameter of the dowel. I tried some different tools and in particular I spent a lot of time trying to drive my homemade saw over the dowel with a half-inch drill motor. There was too much torque for every coupler I tried so I gave up on that approach. I decided I will use just a simple rasp and sandpaper. I didn't make much progress, but at least I did decide.

On Wednesday the temperature was 24 degrees outside in the morning. I practiced the piano, listened to the radio, and walked to the grave. After lunch and a nap, I spent the afternoon reading.

On Thursday it was snowing when I woke up with a skiff to an inch of snow on the ground. Ellen called and alerted me to a big snowstorm due the next day. We decided it would be best if I went home today and avoided the storm. I practiced the piano, packed up my gear, had a little lunch, and left for home at 11:20. That simplified the trip over the mountains, but it shortened my week.

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