Log Home Scale Model

This model was made to a scale where a little over 3/8" = 1 foot. Actually, 3/8" = 10" so that I could use 3/8" dowels to represent 10" logs. This worked out well because at that scale, popsicle sticks were scale models of 2x10s, which are what I used for all the rough door and window frames.

This picture and the previous one were taken in my mother's apartment. The camera was not quite square with the world.

The roof of the model comes off, as does the loft floor. That's what I am holding.

I used the model to visualize what the building would look like on the site. This composite picture was made on 3/26/96 when the foundation was just starting to get built.

This composite of the back door side was also made on 3/26/96.

This shows how I made the pictures. I put the model on a post oriented the same as the building. Then I stood back and placed the camera at the point that made features of the model line up exactly with where those features would be on the building. I typically lined it up with the foundation because that is all I had to go on.

I took one picture of the model, as in the previous picture. Then I removed the model and took a picture of the same scene with the camera in exactly the same spot. Then I cut the two prints and merged them together so that the model showed and the post it was sitting on did not. This is one of the results. In this picture, the first log and the foundation are real. Everything in the building above that is the model.

I found a photo of Ellen that was to the same scale as my model, and I cut it out and mounted it so it could stand in the building. That gives the pictures a little better effect. In this picture, only the first log and the foundation are real, just like the previous picture. This model building and picture faking was just one of the many many ways I have had fun on this project.

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