Installing Outdoor Staircase Treads 11/14/15

Now that I have 5 out of some 20 staircase treads in place, I think I have all the kinks worked out in my peculiar method of installation. The rest of the treads should all be installed fairly routinely. This document describes how I install a log tread in the front and back porch staircases. These are the steps:

1. Plane - both the flat top and the round bottom of the tread blank slab.

2. Treat - the blank with Board Defense on both the top and bottom surfaces.

3. Mount - the tread blank directly over its intended location.

4. Scribe - the tread blank and the two stringers.

5. Notch - both the tread blank and both stringers using a chainsaw.

6. Fit - by refining the notches with saw, chisel, or rasp until it fits.

7. Stain - the underside of the tread and both stringer notches.

8. Drill - the pilot holes for the lag screws in the tread and stringers.

9. Fasten - the tread in place with two lag screws.

10. Stain - the top of the tread.

I have found that I can comfortably install one tread per week given my 3-day workweek schedule (actually it is two half-days with one full day in between). On the first day I complete steps 1 and 2 and let the Board Defense treatment dry overnight. Then on day 2, I try to complete steps 3 through 6. On day 3, I finish up step 6 if it is not done and then do steps 7 through 10 before I go home. That leaves the stain on top some time to dry before I begin stepping on it on my next visit to Camp Serendipity.

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