Kevin and Boys

7/24/07 Curtis in the living room.

7/24/07 Kevin and Alex in the dining room.

7/24/07 Kevin and Alex looking at an old wasp nest.

7/24/07 Kevin looking at Paul in his makeshift bee suit.

7/24/07 Alex and his bee stings.

7/24/07 Alex with his glasses found and feeling better.

7/24/07 Kevin and Curtis playing chess with our improvised chess set.

7/24/11 Paul, Marielle, Kevin, Alex, and Curtis posing in the cabin.

7/24/11 Kevin and Curtis with Marielle hidden behind the Newell post between them.

7/24/11 Having dinner at the '59er Diner after visiting Camp Serendipity

7/24/11 Posing in the '59er Diner after 'Flo' equipped each of us with 1950s era glasses.

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