Scouts 3/09

3/14/09 Troop 100, Ballard WA, camped at the cabin for the weekend

3/14/09 Warming up

3/14/09 Rod and Bill checking out the spring

3/14/09 Scoutmaster and master chef at work

3/14/09 Most of the boys camped down below the cliff

3/14/09 Taste test. Kim, Mark, Bill

3/14/09 Steaming spaghetti sauce

3/14/09 Ernie makes friends with the boys

3/14/09 Cooking snowballs over the camp fire

3/15/09 Bert getting a hug from Paul

3/15/09 Troop leaders and the new troop bus

3/15/09 The tracks show the manuevers necessary to get the bus on the road

3/15/09 Pretty close to the edge of the ditch

3/15/09 Chaining up the bus

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