Scouts 9/10

9/18/10 Bill Dunnell at the Troop 100 2010 annual planning session, taking a picture of the loft staircase.

9/18/10 Scouts busy planning.

9/18/10 Paul Hendricks doing some cooking.

9/18/10 Bill and boys in the porch kitchen

9/18/10 Paul giving instructions to the boys

9/18/10 The troop bus

9/18/10 Sleeping quarters in the loft

9/18/10 Carrying firewood as a service project

9/18/10 Rolling firewood is easier for the bigger boys

9/18/10 Rolling firewood down to stack it

9/18/10 Rolling firewood

9/18/10 Stacking the firewood under the eaves

9/18/10 The firewood is all moved and stacked

9/18/10 Eager for lunch

9/18/10 A joke before lunch

9/18/10 Lunch

9/18/10 Rod Gowdy in the kitchen

9/18/10 Lounging in the loft

9/18/10 Playing a game in the loft

9/18/10 Busy concentrating in the loft

9/18/10 Jigsaw puzzle completed in the loft

9/18/10 Busy planning

9/18/10 Bert and Ernie visit Camp Serendipity

9/18/10 Ken and Betsy Tarleton and Kyle, their guest from Hong Kong


9/18/10 Rod concentrating on the porch

9/18/10 Busy planning

9/19/10 Finding a use for the log over the front door

9/19/10 Paul, Bill, and Rod relaxing before the drive home

9/19/10 Boarding the bus for home

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