Scouts 8/13

These pictures show some of the scenes from the 2013 "new scout" camping trip of Troop 100 from Ballard Washington, at Camp Serendipity, from Thursday through Sunday, Aug 22-25. There were twelve boys and five adult leaders: Paul Hendricks, Dean Putnam, Lance Pettit, Ken Dunkelberg and Laurie Dunkelberg. The boys set up their camp in the parking area and the adults slept in the cabin or on the front porch. The usual kitchen was set up on the front porch. On Friday they went to Lake Wenatchee State Park to play on the beach and to complete some swimming requirements. They returned to do a service project for Paul Martin by picking up a huge amount of firewood that was lying around and on the trails through the woods as a result of the 2013 ice storm that had downed a lot of trees. On Saturday, the boys and the adults all hiked the Twin Lakes trail including the overlook near the beginning.

8/23/13 Lance, Laurie, and Dean in the "porch kitchen".

8/23/13 Laurie holding up the whole porch with one hand. (Just kidding)

8/23/13 The boys' camp in the parking area.

8/23/13 Laurie, Ken, and Lance watching Dean cook.

8/23/13 Are these boys telling fish stories or what?

8/23/13 A demonstration of things you can do with firewood rounds.

8/23/13 The two older boys proved to be able leaders for the ten other brand new scouts.

8/23/13 As a greatly appreciated service project, the boys harvested all this firewood from deep in the woods.

8/24/13 Scoutmaster Paul Hendricks arrived on Friday and stayed for the duration.

8/24/13 The younger boys getting instructions from their leader before starting out on their first scout hike.

8/24/13 Scouts getting assigned seats in cars for the ride to the trailhead.

8/24/13 Dean and Laurie near the Twin Lakes trailhead.

8/24/13 Laurie already on her way and Lance eagerly anticipating the hike.

8/24/13 Ken and Paul H. making their way up the trail.

8/24/13 The two Pauls near the trailhead.

8/24/13 Now that is a respectable widowmaker over Paul H and Ken.

8/24/13 Lance has arrived at the first of the Twin Lakes.

8/24/13 Paul M has arrived at the first of the Twin Lakes.

8/24/13 Ken being followed by someone not in our party.

8/24/13 Our lunchtime stopping point.

8/24/13 The lake looks inviting to the boys as they finish their lunch.

8/24/13 Lance and Paul H relaxing after lunch.

8/24/13 No need to wait two hours. The boys head right for the water...

8/24/13 ...and get wet and have fun.

8/24/13 On the way out we stopped at the overlook.

8/24/13 It's a good spot for a rest.

8/24/13 Ken must have heard or told a joke.

8/24/13 Laurie must have told or heard a joke.

8/24/13 Most of the group on top of the overlook.

8/24/13 Ken in his Sir Edmund Hillary pose with Tall Timbers Ranch and Mount David in view.

8/24/13 Paul H getting ready for the hike out.

8/24/13 The boys discovered Paul M's exercise rope and each one had to test it.

8/24/13 Some of them put on quite a show.

8/24/13 This looks like a troop leadership conference.

8/25/13 Lance and the jury-rigged charcoal starter chimney.

8/25/13 Paul H preparing a washwater station.

8/25/13 The boys on the way up to get some Dutch oven baked cake.

8/25/13 Waiting in line.

8/25/13 Anticipation. (The cake was well worth the wait)

8/25/13 Near the end of a very fun outing.

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