Scouts 9/13

These pictures are from the 2013 annual planning session held at Camp Serendipity. Eight boys attended along with the scoutmaster, Paul Hendricks, his assistants Paul McMurtry and Roger Smith and their host Paul Martin. They all rode from Seattle on the troop bus. On Saturday we were joined by Brian Kemly, who spent the night, and on Sunday morning we were joined by Bill Dunnell who had to take a couple boys home early in order for them to participate in a soccer game. In addition to planning, the boys performed a very welcome and appreciated service project of moving a bunch of rocks off the roadway near the old trailer site. They also erected a flagpole so from now on Old Glory will proudly be flying over Camp Serendipity whenever anyone is there. Paul Hendricks did his usual outstanding job of cooking the meals in the kitchen he sets up on the porch. The boys set up their tent camp down in the parking area. In addition to the important planning work that got done, a good time was had by all.

9/21/13 Here are seven of the boys and the new flagpole they erected.

9/21/13 Paul Hendricks and his charcoal cooking set-up.

9/21/13 Paul McMurtry, Roger Smith, and Paul Hendricks busy cooking in the porch kitchen.

9/21/13 The troop bus, the log cabin, and barely visible to the left of the cabin is the flag flying from the new flagpole.

9/21/13 The log cabin and the flag from boys' tent camp.

9/21/13 Brian Kemly sitting in Dave's adirondack chair.

9/21/13 Brian in the chair with Paul Hendricks working the Dutch ovens.

9/21/13 Brian in the chair with Paul Hendricks working the Dutch ovens.

9/21/13 Brian in the Adirondack chair.

9/21/13 Roger, Paul H, and three scouts.

9/21/13 Scouts at their camp with the campfire.

9/21/13 Scouts sitting around the campfire.

9/21/13 Scouts retiring the flag for the night.

9/21/13 The flag ceremony.

9/21/13 Ernie visited the kitchen often and when nobody was looking, swiped a couple slices of French toast.

9/21/13 Paul McMurtry, Brian, and Paul H cooking.

9/21/13 Bert visited the boys' camp but didn't feel like climbing up to the porch.

9/21/13 Paul McMurtry and Brian in the dining room.

9/21/13 Some of the boys getting up from the breakfast table.

9/21/13 Bill Dunnell in the loft.

9/21/13 The boys busy doing their planning in the loft.

9/21/13 Paul H leading the planning session.

9/21/13 Roger busy planning with the bronze Mt. Rainier model behind him.

9/21/13 Bill clowning.

9/21/13 Bill checking out the wooden kitchen faucet.

9/21/13 Father and son.

9/21/13 Brian and Roger jumpering the bus from Brian's truck. New batteries are in order.

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