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This portion of our website contains essays that may be offensive to some people. It is our intent that these essays be read only by people whose minds are open to questioning all the mysteries of life and the cosmos. If you hold deep religious convictions that prohibit or discourage this kind of questioning, you are asked not to read these essays, or if you do, not to prejudge me for writing them.

I do not claim to have any answers to any mysteries. These essays are pure speculation on my part and are not an attempt to convince anyone of anything, or to change anyone's mind. They are written solely to communicate my ideas to other people who are similarly inclined to question and speculate on explanations for the great mysteries. Please read them in that spirit.

The essays have not been edited in order to make up some kind of an ordered set. Instead, they are presented exactly as I first wrote them. Thus each of them represents my thinking at a particular point in my life. By now, I may even disagree with some of the positions I held when I was younger. But since these are offered merely as food for thought, and not as a pitch for some ideas that I think represent absolute truth, those old essays with their ideas may still hold some interest for some people. And, since I have already gone to the work of writing them, I will do the small extra amount of work to post them here.

I strongly encourage you to email me with any comments you might have as you read these. To make it a little easier to refer to points within the essays, I have numbered the paragraphs on some of them. If you would like to respond with something you would like me to post here along with my essays, please let me know and that is what I will do. If you would like to communicate with me on a one-to-one basis via email on any of the ideas discussed here, I will happily and eagerly do that as time allows. If you simply want to make some comments to me with no follow-up, I would love to hear those as well. I would love to know who is reading these, and what they think of them.

So,...if you are interested in looking at these essays, please proceed.

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