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Background, Motivation, and Objectives
Roadmap to Happiness
Discussion Contest
Chicken and Eggs are Food for Thought
How Should I Know?
Is This All There Is?
Abstraction Itself
Religion vs. Church
Dangerous Ads
Creation vs. Evolution
My Beliefs About God
Identity and Consciousness
What Might Be Going On(?)
Doubts about Evolution
Infinity and Reality
My View of the World - 1987
Personal Philosophy - 1988
Personal Philosophy - 2001
Einstein's and Hilbert's Question
Where I've Been in My Search for Truth
Letters to Aurino
An Introduction to Practical Numbers
Thoughts on Consciousness and Reality
World View - 2004
Eleven Modest Contributions
My View of History
Philosophical Conversation
An Argument from Design
Going Along with Einstein
Conceptual Math
Thoughts about Time
Space, Dimensions, and Manifolds
How to Remember what You Read
Dear Microsoft
On Seeing Extra Dimensions
On the Origin of the Genetic Code
A Theory of Inca Stonemasonry
Logical Cosmogony
What is Real?
Development of a Belief
What Really Happened, Who Knew, and When Did They Know It?
My Dentist Chair Experience
Planks and Slabs at Camp Serendipity
On A Deep Philosophical Question
A Proposal for an Expanded Paradigm
My Perspective on Mathematics

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