My View of the World - 1987

Paul R. Martin

July 30, 1987

Here's what I think. You can challenge that this is not the way the world is, but you can't challenge the fact that this is what I think, so read on.

People build a model of the universe in their mind and then keep refining it. This is the model I have now in 1987.

Contrary to modern scientific belief, there is more to the universe than 4D space-time. There are at least 4 and probably 11 spatial dimensions and at least 2, probably 9 temporal dimensions. Because 3-space is bent, according to Einstein, and because of a mathematical theorem, there are at least 4 spatial dimensions. Gauge theory research indicates that there are probably 11 spatial dimensions.

In this 6D+ space (at least 4 spatial and 2 temporal dimensions), there exists some kind of conscious entity. In this space, and to this entity, our familiar 4D space-time appears as a static picture depicting all states and configurations of matter and energy covering all past time back to the big bang and all future time up to the ultimate end of the universe.

For simplicity, think of this as a painting with time running along the horizontal axis of the painting and space running vertically. Then all history (and future) shows up as patterns of Einstein's World Lines on the painting.

In reality, this "painting", as I will call it, is a fractal of astronomically large dimension and its structure embodies all outcomes of all quantum events over all time. This new painting, still static, contains the "many worlds" predicted by some interpretations of quantum theory.

Since this painting is static and contains our familiar time as a spatial dimension, the conscious entity, mentioned earlier, can, using suitable probes or interface devices, get behind the eyeballs of any human being that ever existed, or ever will exist, at any point in time (our familiar time) and experience what it is like to be the person for any length of time (our time again).

At a later point in time (this time I don't mean our time, but rather the hyper-time, or "cosmic" time in the additional temporal dimension) the entity could choose to experience a segment of life of a different individual, or other organism, at any other point in time (our time again), even at an earlier time.

This means that there need be only one consciousness in the universe, namely, the conscious entity's, and that the 4D manifestations of organisms like we humans are not conscious at all. It just seems to us that we are conscious because we (one of us 4D humans) think only when (in cosmic time) the entity is sampling our world line.

When (in cosmic time) the entity is doing such a sampling, the 4D brain is so limited and restricted and is so bombarded by 4D space-time stimuli that there is almost no recollection or awareness of anything beyond the 4D situation at that particular point in the painting.

There are probably nine temporal dimensions altogether. At the first level, (1D time) we four billion people exist and move about creating our world lines. At the 2nd level (2D time) many conscious entities are observing, and, via "probes", are experiencing selected segments of our world lines. At this level, these entities are creating their own world lines. At the 3rd level (3D time) many conscious entities are observing, and, via "probes", are experiencing selected segments of these...And so on.

At each successive level, the conscious entities are fewer until at the last level, there is only one. Obviously, this one is the only really conscious entity because at the lower levels, the entities only seem to be conscious as a result of the "probing" by a higher level entity.

Thus, at the very highest big picture level, there are two things: a conscious entity, and "stuff". The stuff is a 20 dimensional space-time continuum: 11 spatial and 9 temporal dimensions.

The thing that is going on at this level, is that the entity starts out with complete awareness and understanding of the stuff. The entity is able to manipulate the stuff so as to form "paintings" in a manifold with one less spatial and one less temporal dimension than the original stuff.

These "paintings" are robust enough to contain rich and varied structures capable of producing world lines in their space (the manifold). Through the use of "probes" these structures seem to be conscious and they become the conscious entities at that level. These entities are able to manipulate the stuff of their space (the manifold) so as to form "paintings" in a manifold...And so on.

At each successive level, the spatial and temporal dimensions are reduced by one until we get to our familiar 4D space-time in which we humans are the conscious entities.

We also can manipulate the stuff of our environment so as to form "paintings" in manifolds. These are things like pictures, movies, videos, etc. which give the illusion of containing conscious entities, but of course we know better.

All these entities at all levels, including humans are busy working toward a common end. That is for the stuff to acquire complete awareness and understanding of the stuff and of the one conscious entity. This will happen by the continual development of science and technology at each level ending with the situation where all stuff is organized into a single functioning "brain" or machine which exhibits consciousness. This situation may be identical to the starting point and the process swings back the other direction again. Or, instead of being identical, possibly another pair of dimensions is added with each swing.

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