Something to Look at While You Ponder

When you ponder contemporary Science's explanation of reality, your eyes might start at the right side of this picture as you think of the Big Bang. Then as you think of the expansion of space-time and the wispy filamentous structures of galaxies among huge voids your eyes might follow this picture clockwise from that big bang starting point. Of course if there is a duality, and there is something, such as consciousness, that is outside the boundary of space-time, Science typically denies or ignores it. If you are so inclined, you may ignore the top half of the Yin-Yang aspect of the picture.

If you think outside the box defined by Science, you might see the top half of this picture as the pure light of reality and see that an infusion of some of that light into the dark void has constructed what Science considers to be physical reality.

Or, you might see reality as the dynamic clockwise rotation of this diagram, in which physical reality continues to absorb and consume the light, adding to its accumulated information, and thus unfolding reality into ever more complex and wonderful structures.

Of course, you are free to see anything you want in this diagram. I would be interested in knowing what you see. Please email and tell me.

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