Construction Journal Entry Week of 12/23/18

12/28-29/18 Ellen, Marilyn, Ocean, and I spent one night at Camp Serendipity.

On Friday, after having lunch at Marilyn's, we stopped in at Camp Serendipity to make a snowshoe trail from the parking area, which was plowed as requested, to turn on the lights, and to turn up the thermostats. Then we got back in the truck and went to Leavenworth for tubing, sledding, and dinner. We returned to Camp Serendipity in the dark but with the floodlights already on and the trail already packed down, we had no problem bringing up our gear and moving in.

Ocean built a fire in the wood stove and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We set up two cots on the main floor for Ocean and Marilyn; we took showers, relaxed, and went to bed fairly early.

On Saturday morning, I got a fire going in the stove and we all had breakfast. Then we watched a movie on DVD. We left the cabin around noon and had lunch in the newly re-built 59er Diner before dropping Marilyn off and then heading for home. It was a fun getaway.

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