Construction Journal Entry Week of 9/25/05

9/27-29/05 I went up to the property for 3 days: Tuesday through Thursday.

I arrived at 12:30. There was no frog on the gate and no shrews or mice in the traps.

After moving in and having lunch I installed the two new receptacle assemblies. I also brought cover plates and when I tried to install them, I discovered that some of them didn't fit quite right because of the mortar build-up against the sides of the boxes. I think I will have to shim between the receptacle and the box to make them fit right. I'll have to figure out what kind of shims to use. I also made and installed a 90 degree EMT elbow for the range circuit. Then I set up lights in the utility room so I can see to work in there.

I insulated the top five seams on the Grid A utility room wall and four seams on the Grid 1 utility room wall. Then I nailed three seams on the Grid A wall and two seams on the Grid 1 wall.

On Wednesday all the mouse traps were still set and undisturbed. The peanuts were also still there. Maybe my rodent wars are over again.

I nailed two more rows on each utility room wall, and I chinked five seams on the Grid A wall and four seams on the Grid 1 wall. I also chinked the short section in the kitchen around the range EMT stub. I took some pictures of the walls and of me feeding the jays.

Mary Jackson stopped by for a short visit and the jays stopped by every time I went out on the porch to mix another batch of mortar. A couple of them are brave enough to come into the trailer while I am having lunch. I open one window for them and draw the curtains closed on all the other windows. One juvenile jay stayed up later than the rest of them and was waiting for me when I quit for the night at about 7:00.

On Thursday morning I cleaned the logs I had chinked and I fed the jays and chipmunks some more. It had rained overnight and it made the fall colors spectacularly beautiful on the way home. I left for home at 1:15.

10/1/05 Made two more receptacle assemblies.

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