Construction Journal Entry Week of 6/21/20

6/22-26/20 I went up to Camp Serendipity for 5 days: Monday through Friday.

It was 80 degrees and hot outside when I arrived at noon. I hauled my gear up, hoisted the flag, and had my usual lunch and nap. When I got up, Robert called and caught me up on things.

Then I went into the woods and irrigated Andrew, and before I quit for the day, I took the wheelbarrow up to the bluff and hauled the remainder of the firewood I had bucked down to the cabin where I stacked it. I think I have a complete supply for the winter down there now.

On Tuesday I called David Spencer at the Building Department to get an update. I got his voicemail and left a message to call me.

I spent the morning starting the job of placing the flooring in the loft. I moved all the furniture away from the Grid 1 wall and exposed the first 4-ft. course of plywood subfloor.

After lunch and a nap, the Action Small Appliance repairman called and told me that to fix the heater, it would require two expensive parts which would take a couple weeks to get from Canada. I gave him the go-ahead to charge my credit card some $300 and order the parts. That seems a little expensive, but I didn't have the energy to explore alternatives.

It was too hot to work in the loft, so I went outside, irrigated Andrew, and lopped some unruly brush. Then I called Earl and had a nice conversation with him.

Next, I decided to do some work in the crawl space where it is cool. I got a couple big planks and used them to make a ramp from the stoop just inside the door down to the dirt floor. I had used a couple of loose 2x4s for this purpose all these years, including using them for a wheelbarrow ramp, and I decided that it was time to make a more substantial ramp. I especially was thinking about workmen coming in to insulate the floor who wouldn't appreciate those rickety 2x4s.

David Spencer called back. He told me that there were several reasons he hadn't gotten to my request for a permit renewal and inspection, but that he would get right on it and let me know when and how I can arrange for the next inspection. I guess I need to keep prodding them to get some action.

On Wednesday morning, the temperature inside the cabin was 65 degrees because I had left all the windows open overnight and had a fan blowing in one of them. That made it very pleasant to work in the loft so I spent the morning making sure none of the screws were sticking up above the plywood subfloor, vacuuming all the floor that I had exposed, and then starting the laying of the flooring planks.

After lunch and a nap, the temperature outside was 80 degrees but it was still only 75 degrees inside. Not too bad. I went outside and irrigated Andrew, and then did some more work laying in flooring planks.

On Thursday morning the temperature inside the cabin was down to 60 degrees. It was 48 degrees outside. I moved some of the furniture back onto the new flooring that I had laid, and I exposed the next tier of plywood, which I prepared by sinking protruding screws and vacuuming.

After lunch, a nap, and irrigating Andrew, it was still cool enough to work in the loft, so I placed more flooring and almost covered the second tier of subfloor.

On Friday I irrigated Andrew and laid some more flooring. I left for home at 1:15 happy to be making some very noticeable progress on the cabin, even though the flooring job is not necessary for the final inspection. Hopefully I can make some progress on that soon.

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