8/27/09 Robert cutting a notch for his 10-ton jack.

8/27/09 Robert driving in a wedge to fall the tree uphill.

8/27/09 Robert falling an easy grand fir snag.

10/18/12 Paul and Robert sizing up the job of removing a log that is leaning up against the cabin.

10/18/12 Paul watching Robert gear up to climb a tall tree.

10/18/12 Robert starting the long climb

10/18/12 Robert higher up the tree.

10/18/12 Robert flinging a rope higher yet.

10/18/12 Robert in the cabin after the job is done.

10/18/12 Paul and Robert in the cabin.

1/23/14 Robert near the giant sequoia grove.

1/23/14 Robert looking over a windfall.

1/23/14 Robert in the cabin.

1/28/14 Robert in the cabin talking to Marty from DNR about our up-coming logging project.

1/28/14 Robert talking with Marty.

1/28/14 Marty and Robert in the forest discussing the proposed logging operation.

3/7/14 Paul and Robert in the woods planning the logging operation and setting out flags.

3/7/14 Robert pointing to the top of a big tree.

3/7/14 Robert thinking about some aspect of the operation.

3/7/14 Robert still thinking.

3/7/14 Robert snowshoeing around a big cedar tree.

3/7/14 Robert on the porch contemplating some part of the upcoming logging operation.

8/21/14 Robert is running the loader from his perch on top.

8/21/14 The three loggers making up the logging crew. L-R: Dennis (Dee), Robert, and Tim.

8/21/14 A close-up of Dee.

Video: video - Robert's Logging Stories

9/15/15 Robert and his new helper, Rob

9/15/15 Rob

1/19/18 Robert in the cabin discussing Phase Two of the logging operation which is about to begin.

1/19/18 Having coffee and a muffin.

1/19/18 Robert telling a story.

1/19/18 Robert got his skidder running and it is parked down below waiting to go to work skidding logs.

1/19/18 Another shot of the skidder showing the dozer blade.

1/20/18 Robert, his skidder, and his snowblower.

1/20/18 Robert getting his snowblower up onto the upper roadway.

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