Construction Journal Entry Week of 11/15/20

11/16-20/20 I went up to Camp Serendipity for 5 days: Monday through Friday.

I arrived at 12:10. It snowed from the pass all the way to Camp Serendipity, but it had turned to a light rain by the time I arrived. The driveway had not been plowed but I had no trouble parking anyway. I brought my gear up to the cabin in two trips. I hoisted the flag, built a fire in the stove, had my lunch and a nap, and practiced the piano. While I was doing my stretching exercises, I had another dizzy spell. But it didn't last long.

On Tuesday I felt pretty steady and the dizziness pretty much went away. I worked on designing shelving for the loft and decided that I needed some more planks. Then I bucked, stacked, and split firewood from some big poles that were stacked under the porch. They were on top of the planks I wanted to look through, so I figured it was time to cut them up, turn them into firewood, and get them out of the way.

After lunch and a nap, I got a call from the insurance man and I paid to get the insurance into effect. That was a milestone. Then I bucked and split some more firewood, shoveled the snow off the back stoop, the back steps, and the back porch.

On Wednesday, the weather was rainy turning to snow. I used the Sawzall to buck some poles and logs on the front porch that had been candidates for railings. Since the railings are done, those poles are now firewood. After having my lunch and a nap I spent the rest of the afternoon writing.

On Thursday I started out practicing the piano and then listening to the radio. Then I populated the Craftsman toolbox with tools from other overflowing toolboxes. My tools are much better organized now.

After lunch and a nap, I cut all the rest of the poles on the front porch. Then I settled down to some more writing.

On Friday morning Dave called first thing and we had another great conversation. I spent the rest of the morning listening to the radio and practicing on the piano. I left for home at 1:00 o'clock after another enjoyable week.

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