Construction Journal Entry Week of 4/11/21

4/12-16/21 I went up to Camp Serendipity for five days: Monday through Friday.

I arrived at 11:30 on a beautiful sunny day. I brought my gear up in one trip, hoisted the flag, built a fire, and had my lunch and a nap. When I got up, I went up behind the old privy site with a couple long chains and a come-along and rigged up to drag a 28-foot log down off the hill so I could buck it into firewood. The rigging worked great. I pulled the log down far enough to buck off a few rounds and then re-rigged to pull it down further. I continued with this process until the chainsaw ran out of gas. I wheeled 11 rounds, the saw, the chains, and the come-along down to the cabin and stacked the firewood before I quit for the night.

On Tuesday I was up early and worked on the bullnose corners in the baseboards. After lunch and a nap, I took a shovel into the woods to free up whatever sequoia trees were still buried under the snow. There were only two trees, John and Cam, that were still buried. I dug them out so they could stand up and resume growing. All the rest of the sequoias were already free.

Next, I took the chainsaw up by the sequoia tree, Paul, and bucked up a bunch of maple firewood that I had cut down earlier. I also finished bucking up the log I had dragged down off the hill.

On Wednesday after practicing the piano, I worked on making the first bullnose corner for the baseboards. I had used a Loctite glue for the first joint and didn't like the brilliant white color that you could see in the seam. So, for the second joint I switched to Elmer's carpenter's wood glue which I liked a lot better.

After some experimenting, I learned that it works well to hollow grind the middle piece in a bullnose joint. And for this my big rasp, Rasputin, was perfect. The radius of curvature of the curved side of the rasp is the same as that of the drywall bullnose corner, so by laying the small piece face down on the workbench, restrained by three screws, I was able to hollow grind the backside about halfway through. I installed the joint on the corner near the Grid D2 column and took a picture. I was very happy with the result .

Next, I went outside and hauled and stacked four wheelbarrows full of the bucked firewood and then I went into the woods on the bluff to check on the transplanted cedars. Most of them looked OK but one of them had taken a direct hit from a huge snag that had fallen right on top of it.

Fortunately, there was still about four inches of clearance between the log and the ground. The cedar had just been bent over and wasn't damaged much.

After lunch and a nap, I took the chainsaw up to the cedar tree and began cutting the log away. I made a big mistake and got the bar of the chainsaw stuck in the log as I attempted to buck it. I spent the next couple hours cutting the saw loose after making four trips back to the cabin and down to the truck for different tools. I tried a bow saw, an axe, and a Sawzall. After a lot of embarrassing work, I freed up the saw and finished bucking a chunk out of the log. That freed up the bent over cedar tree. I propped the cedar tree up, so it was standing up straight, and then went in for the night not feeling very well.

I discovered that my blood pressure was unusually low ranging from 92/72 to 75/63. My pulse was consistently 130. Neither my shower nor having dinner improved on the numbers much. After discussing my condition with Ellen, we eventually reached the conclusion that I was dehydrated. I drank some electrolytes and water and by morning I was back to normal.

On Thursday, feeling a lot better, I practiced the piano and then made and installed the second bullnose corner in the baseboard. I took a picture of the result. After lunch and a nap, I spent the rest of the afternoon writing.

On Friday morning after practicing the piano, I installed the third bullnose corner which was the last one in the hallway. I took a picture of that one too. Now there are only 5 bullnoses left to make. I left for home at 12:50 after another fun and productive week.

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