Construction Journal Entry Week of 12/19/21

12/21-24/21 I went up to Camp Serendipity for four days: Tuesday through Friday.

After meeting with my doctor, stopping at the post office, and dropping some stuff off at the Goodwill, I arrived at Camp Serendipity at 4:30 just as it was getting dark.

The temperature was 20 degrees, there was an inch of new snow on top of the driveway which had been plowed but there was at least a foot of snow since I had been there last. With a headlamp on my head and my snowshoes on my feet, I carried my gear up to the cabin in one trip. It was slow going but the snow was light and powdery, so I made it without a problem.

By the time I built a fire in the stove and had my dinner, the day was done.

On Wednesday morning the temperature was 16 degrees outside and about 8 inches of new snow had fallen overnight. After building a fire in the stove, I stomped out a trail to the flagpole just using my boots. Since it was downhill, I thought that would be easier than putting the snowshoes on.

After hoisting the flag, I practiced the piano, listened to the radio a little, and then split and stacked a bunch of firewood.

After having my lunch and a nap, I spent the rest of the afternoon writing.

On Thursday morning the temperature was 20 degrees, and it was snowing fairly heavily. After practicing the piano, I postholed to the truck with the intention of backing it out, turning around, and parking in a position to get out onto the road easily.

Just as I got to the truck, a huge amount of snow fell from high up in the trees and crashed down onto the truck barely missing me. I was concerned that there might have been enough force to smash through the windshield, but I guess the snow was too soft for that. Nevertheless, I stood in a blizzard with my back to it for several seconds before all the snow settled down.

After digging the truck out, I turned it around and parked it at the foot of the concrete steps heading out. Then with my boots, I stomped out a trail around the truck giving me access to both doors and then I stomped out a trail to the foot of the concrete steps. Then using the scoop shovel, I cleared the snow off the steps. There was about 18 inches of snow on the steps. It was extra hard work mainly because the snow froze and stuck to the scoop with each scoopful. The scoop needed a good waxing.

After having my lunch, I laid down for a nap, but a woodpecker was pecking on something nearby that kept me awake. Then I got up and waxed my scoop shovel. With the wax job done, I spent the rest of the afternoon writing.

On Friday my intention was to leave for home right after breakfast. But I played the piano for a while, and then discovered that the cabin had been visited by a cougar during the night. I spent some time investigating the tracks and taking some pictures. Then, I had a problem with the wood stove that still concerns me. I don't know how bad it is yet. But a big steel baffle that is supposed to be at the top of the combustion chamber broke loose on one side and fell down into the firebox. Next week I'll inspect the damage to see what if anything I need to do about it.

I tried to get on the road by 10:00 o'clock but with the cougar distraction and digging out another night's snowfall, I didn't get on the road till about 11 o'clock. The pass was slow going but I got home at 2:00 o'clock which was in plenty of time for Christmas.

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