Construction Journal Entry Week of 10/16/22

10/17-21/22 I went up to Camp Serendipity for five days: Monday through Friday.

Fortunately, US 2 was open, but the speed limit was 35 miles an hour from Baring to Skykomish. There were small fires here and there in the ditch and a lot of smoke, but otherwise no problem.

I arrived at 12:40, the air was smoky, and I brought my gear up in two trips: the second with a wheelbarrow. I hoisted the flag, had my lunch and a nap, and then spent the afternoon practicing the piano.

On Tuesday it was still smoky. After practicing the piano, I spent the rest of the morning fixing the loft stair lamp. I had brought a new socket with me, and I put the lamp back together with the new socket and now it works reliably. To do the job, I had to set up some scaffolding by bringing in two big planks, so the work involved setting that up and taking it back down.

After lunch and a nap, I did some cleaning and spent a considerable amount of effort trying to figure out where the flies were coming from. In desperation I caulked a bunch of checks in the log wall under the big windows. For a while it seemed like that worked but I'm not sure.

On Wednesday it was smoky all day. I practiced the piano first thing, listened to the radio, had my lunch and my nap, and then curled up with a good book. I spent the rest of the afternoon reading.

On Thursday the air seemed to be clearing a little. The temperature outside when I got up was 30 degrees. After practicing the piano and listening to the radio for a while, I did some reading before lunch and a nap. When I got up, I did some more reading and listened to the radio some more. Then I called Earl, and we had a great conversation.

On Friday morning I practiced the piano, finished reading my book, and listened to the radio for a while. I left a little early just in case the highway was going to be closed again. I left for home at 12:15 and was happy that the highway was open all the way.

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