Construction Journal Entry Week of 10/23/22

10/24-27/22 I went up to Camp Serendipity for five days: Monday through Friday.

It rained all the way over the pass but when I arrived at 11:40 the rain stopped. That made it more pleasant to carry my gear up. I carried it up in one trip, hoisted the flag and then vacuumed the flies off the floor. I need to figure out how they get in.

I had my lunch and then was interrupted from my nap by a telephone solicitor that annoyed me. After I got him off the phone, it rang again, and I thought he was calling back, but it was Robert. He caught me up on his activities of moving into his new place for the winter. Next, I practiced the piano.

On Tuesday the weather was clear and 34 degrees when I got up. You could see new snow on Mount David. I practiced the piano and then went to work installing the upper left hand finish panel behind the cabinets. I made a nice scriber that I would need to scribe the panel to fit against the log wall.

After lunch and a nap, I hung the panel to the wall against the log wall and used my scriber to make the scribe line. Then I took the panel out on the front porch and used a saber saw to cut the line. Then I must have made 12 or 15 trips back out to the front porch after trying the fit and seeing what needed to be trimmed. I used a coping saw to do the trimming and finally got it to fit perfectly.

On Wednesday it was 30 degrees outside when I got up and I could see quite a bit of snow on Nason Ridge. I practiced the piano, listened to the radio, and then varnished the notches in the log wall that will receive the finished panel behind the cabinet. Then I washed out my brush before lunch and a nap. When I got up, I did some writing.

On Thursday it was raining and 31 degrees when I got up. I practiced the piano and then Dave called. We had a nice long interesting conversation. Then I installed the upper left finish panel behind the cabinets before lunch and a nap.

When I got up, I cleaned up the mess from the panel job and took a picture of the finished panel. Then I went outside since the rain had stopped and checked the trees. I was amazed at how tall the transplanted Cedars were. Paul looked good and Runty looked good, but I didn't go any deeper into the woods.

Next, I winterized the irrigation system and drained the hoses. Then I put the blocks in the crawl space vents to keep it from freezing too hard in the crawl space. Then I loaded one wheelbarrow full of scrap wood that the firefighters had piled up and hauled it up to the burn pile and stacked it there. The weather and the scenery were beautiful, so I enjoyed just being outside for a while.

On Friday morning I practiced the piano and then went into the deep woods. I brought the mirror in and stored it in the crawl space for the winter. Then I went back out and carried 5 gallons of water to Andrew and then I brought the three buckets in that I used to irrigate Andrew and stored them in the crawl space for the winter.

I left for home at 12:45 after a fun week in the mountains.

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