Log Home Pictures from 2022, Part 1 of 1

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The projects taken on for 2022 started off by installing more formal light fixtures rather than bare bulbs in plain ceramic sockets. The projects continued by spending time on the Sequoia trees, and then dealing with the smoke from a nearby forest fire. The log wall/drywall interface in the bedroom was finished, and the finished wood panels behind the cabinets in the dining room were installed.

1/24/22 The bare bulb in the center of the bathroom ceiling has been replaced by this bright LED fixture that never needs bulb changing.

1/25/22 I went up to the collapsed woodshed to see how feasible it was going to be to retrieve firewood from there. It turned out to be easy. The firewood was exposed and the access was good over the frozen snow. I dragged some out with my stout rope.

1/26/22 Next day, I made another trip to the woodshed to retrieve wood and I discovered that the woodshed had collapsed as the result of the top of a big tree breaking off and falling on the woodshed roof. The top of that tree is visible in this picture but it isn't very impressive. I'm sure it was carrying a big load of snow and that was enough to topple the woodshed.

1/26/22 While I was up at the woodshed, I noticed this well-traveled trail used by some animal(s) to go from that tree in the foreground to the woods in the background (not shown in the picture). I don't know who made the trail but it looks like it has had a lot of traffic.

2/1/22 Kitchen ceiling lights are installed. Not very visible in this picture but you get the idea.

2/3/22 Hall ceiling light fixture is installed.

2/9/22 First loft ceiling light fixture is installed.

2/14/22 Bedroom ceiling light fixture is installed.

2/17/22 Last two lower loft ceiling light fixtures are installed. Reaching that last high one under the ridgepole is going to require some scaffolding.

2/22/22 Scaffold tower is set up in the loft for installing the last loft ceiling light which will hang from the ridgepole.

3/18/22 In order to give Paul a little bit of a headstart on the growing season, I dug it out from under the snow and propped it up against the sign post. It looks a little droopy but I am sure it will appreciate the sunshine.

3/23/22 The last of the loft light fixtures is installed and all the related scaffolding, rigging, tools, etc. have been removed and cleaned up. Here you see all the loft fixtures in their final places.

3/31/22 Here you see that Cam has been dug out from under the winter snowpack.

3/31/22 Bill has been dug out from under the winter snowpack.

3/31/22 Dave has at least been found under the winter snowpack.

3/31/22 Here part of Dave has been dug out.

3/31/22 Ellen has been dug out.

3/31/22 Earl was buried too deep to be dug out with the remaining time and energy I had. I also didn't try to dig out John or Larry.

3/31/22 Dan has been dug out.

3/31/22 Runty has been dug out after considerable searching to find it. The search pattern comes down on the left looking for the irrigation hose. Once that was found, it was followed to the right until the tree was found and dug out.

4/5/22 Here John has been dug out from under the winter snow pack.

4/5/22 Larry was already out without any digging and looking pretty good.

4/5/22 Earl was finally dug out from under the snow.

4/6/22 I talked to Earl about the problem of Brian hardly getting any sun. He suggested that I use a mirror to give Brian some sunlight. Here you see a mirror I propped up on the snow to try out Earl's suggestion.

4/6/22 I was suprised at how well it worked. Here you see Brian in the spot of sunlight reflected by the mirror.

4/6/22 Here is a close-up of Brian seeming to enjoy the reflected sunlight.

4/7/22 Propping the mirror against sticks on the snow made it super awkward to adjust and aim the mirror. After a few false starts, I put together this very efficient swivel mount for the mirror. This makes it super easy to make fine adjustments to the aim of the mirror and it will provide a platform for future servos that hopefully will allow the mirror to automatically follow the sun as it moves.

4/26/22 A tall tree had fallen sometime during the winter and the snow had melted away enough for me to discover it. It can be seen lying above and to the right of Dan, whose signpost is in the foreground. It fell about midway between Dave and Ellen. Dave can be seen as the foliage above the yellow rebar cap almost straight above Dan's signpost. Ellen is the green patch just above the rebar cap to the left of the picture. The mirror on its mount is at the upper right.

4/29/22 This is the solar panel I built. It produces 50v according to my voltmeter, but for some reason it can't drive that little gearmotor that a couple flashlight batteries have no trouble spinning. Something to work on.

5/13/22 Here are the new little rhubarb plants starting their growing season.

5/10/22 Here is Paul with his model of a hypercube.

5/10/22 This shows the treetop that broke off high up and crashed down onto the woodshed knocking it to the ground. It is suspended by one of its branches that got lodged in the crotch of a nearby maple tree. It was dangerous and tricky to pull it all the way down.

8/12/22 Here is the start of one of the solar arrays I will use to power my solar-tracking mirror. The weather-proof cover is the lid to a Costco deli salmon tray.

8/24/22 The White River Fire that has been threatening Camp Serendipity for the past couple weeks has apparently stalled. Our evacuation level has been downgraded from Level 2 to Level 1. The fire is still smoldering, as you can see in this picture, but unless something changes, we seem to be safe for now.

8/24/22 The fire has no doubt driven out a lot of critters who must now re-establish their territories. That probably explains the increase in the number of wildlife sightings. For example, I have never before seen a coyote brazenly come onto the property like this one did.

8/24/22 A few minutes after seeing a bear down on the road, I heard something at the living room window and when I looked, there was a bear who had climbed up on the front porch workbench and was looking right at me through the window. By the time I grabbed my camera it jumped down onto the porch and went over to the high rock. It looked at me for a while after I appeared at the front door hollering for it to scram.

8/24/22 It then walked to the right where it left the porch and climbed the rocks on the outcropping.

9/29/22 This picture shows the last drywall/log wall interface in the bedroom finished and painted.

10/13/22 A project that has been on the back burner for ten years is to install finished wood panels on the back side of the cabinets. I decided to take on this project so I took this "before" picture.

10/13/22 This is the first "after" picture after two small panels (one is visible under the hood) and the first of four big panels have been glued in place. The strut you see is temporary and is holding the panel in place until the glue dries.

10/26/22 This is the second "after" picture after the upper left panel has been glued in place.

11/8/22 Here the two lower panels and the vertical corner trim strips have been installed...

11/8/22 and here the trim strip at the bottom has been installed.

11/17/22 and here a few more trim strips have been added.

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