Construction Journal Entry Week of 3/13/22

3/17-19/22 I went up to Camp Serendipity for 3 days: Thursday through Saturday.

On the way, I stopped at our CPA to pick up our tax return. I arrived at Camp Serendipity at about noon. After a little scouting, I found I only needed to shovel out a few steps in the frozen snowbank to get from the bare driveway up onto the snowbank leading to the concrete stairs. The stairs themselves were completely bare and dry.

I brought my gear up to the cabin in two trips being extra careful with each step. I set the thermostats up to 70, hoisted the flag, had my lunch and a nap, and then practiced the piano. I was a little impatient for the place to warm up, so I fixed that by building a nice fire in the stove.

Then I cleaned up the broken glass in the bathtub that had been in there since I dropped a mirror over three weeks ago and it had shattered.

On Friday the temperature outside was 35 degrees when I got up. My energy felt low but I did go outside and hoist the flag. After breakfast, I practiced the piano. Robert called to check on me and he updated me on his activities at the store. Then I just relaxed and rested for a while.

I realized that the ice grippers for my boots were still down at the truck. I had planned to keep them in a tote bag that was always with me whether at home, in the truck, or at the cabin. That way the grippers would be available whenever I needed them. Since I had forgotten them in the truck, I didn't have them now, and if the snow froze and got slick, I would need them. I decided to go down to the truck and get them.

On the way, I shoveled the snow off the rock steps and made a nice safe transition to the snow trail above them. Then I found that I could easily walk on top of the snow up to Paul so I took a shovel up there and dug the little tree out from under the snow to give it a head start on the growing season. The foliage was lush and green, although still small for a tree that old. The trunk had been crinkled and smashed down to the ground, so I gently straightened it as best I could and propped the tree up against the signpost. I am sure it will appreciate the sunshine.

Next, I went up to Runty with the intention of digging that little tree out as well. Since I didn't know exactly where the tree was, I dug a test hole with the intention of searching for it. After discovering that the snow is 31 inches deep and very stiff, it was clear that it would take a lot more work than I was willing to do so I gave up.

Back in the cabin, I had my lunch and a nap. When I got up I called Earl and we caught each other up on our activities. I still felt weak with low energy, so I spent the rest of the afternoon practicing the piano.

On Saturday morning, the temperature was 30 degrees. I was glad I had my ice grippers. I was planning on leaving for home in the morning and I thought the snow would be slick. Instead, it was raining lightly. After practicing the piano, I went up and had another look at Paul in the rain. It still looked droopy. I packed up my gear and left for home at 10:20 after taking my gear down to the truck in two very careful trips wearing the ice grippers. Next week I expect to feel at 100% energy.

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