Construction Journal Entry Week of 2/13/22

2/14-18/22 I went up to Camp Serendipity for five days: Monday through Friday.

I arrived at 11:45 and once again there had been no change in the road or snow conditions except that the snow had shrunk some. There had been no plowing at all. The trails were good and solid, and the stairs were bare and dry, so I had no trouble bringing my gear up in two trips.

All the heaters were working fine, including the old one. I had set the thermostats down to 65 degrees so when I went in the cabin the temperature was 65 degrees just as it should have been. Then as I set all the thermostats up to 70 degrees, the old heater refused to work. That did it for me; I decided to replace it.

After lunch and a nap, I installed the bedroom light fixture and took a picture of it. Then I tried my new Kardiamobile device, but I was unable to get it working. It is supposed to be able to take an EKG even without Internet service as long as it is loaded on the phone, which mine was, so I was puzzled.

On Tuesday I started by practicing the piano and then I tinkered with the old heater just in case I could get it working again. I failed at that, so I removed the old heater from the wall and brought it down to store in the crawlspace. After lunch and a nap, I installed the new heater in place of the old one and spent the rest of the afternoon writing.

In the evening Ellen told me she had researched the Kardia problem and learned that I need to have the application open before I lose Internet service.

On Wednesday morning after breakfast, and after practicing the piano, I drove to Ron Siderits' place where I could get Internet service and opened the Kardia app on my phone. When I returned, I took an EKG reading and it worked fine. I was happy.

Then I listened to the radio until lunchtime. After my nap, I sat outside on the porch for quite a while just enjoying the beautiful sunny day. Then I came back in and worked on getting the three remaining loft light fixtures ready to install.

On Thursday morning the temperature was freezing so I put on the ice grippers on my boots before going down to hoist the flag. They worked great and I decided to wear them anytime I walk on frozen snow from now on.

After practicing the piano, I called the body shop in Seattle to schedule an appointment to get the tailgate on my truck fixed. I agreed to bring the truck in by 10:00 o'clock Friday, the next day, which meant I would have to leave pretty early in the morning.

I installed the two lower light fixtures in the loft and took a picture of them. Then after lunch and a nap, I decided to set up a scaffold tower in the loft so I could reach high enough to install the last light fixture on the ridgepole. I carried two scaffold frames and two cross braces from the crawl space to the loft. That was quite a workout, but I did it in six stages and took it easy and it was no problem. After erecting the tower, I brought the planks up and staged them on the front porch. I'll bring them to the loft later after I clean them off.

Next, I took a shower. Bill called me while I was in the shower, and he agreed to call me back after I finished. When I got out, we resumed our conversation about Egyptian pyramids. It was a fun conversation. After we hung up, I loaded as much of my gear as I could and brought it down to the truck so I could leave quickly in the morning.

On Friday morning I was up at 5, had a skimpy breakfast, a short piano practice, and left for home by 6:45. It was a very pleasant drive home in the morning before sunup with nearly no traffic in my direction. I made it to the body shop in plenty of time and was pleased that he was able to fix the tailgate by noon on Friday. Life is good.

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