Construction Journal Entry Week of 4/30/23

5/3-5/23 I went up to Camp Serendipity for three days: Wednesday through Friday.

The trip over the mountains was uneventful except for one construction delay. I arrived at noon. The temperature was a pleasant 70 degrees. I parked in the hairpin turn, brought my gear up in two trips using the wheelbarrow for the second one, and then hoisted the flag.

After lunch and a nap, I put my gear away including a big box of fertilizer I had brought with me. Then I practiced the piano and was pleased that my memory is slowly coming back.

On Thursday the temperature outside was 45 degrees when I got up. Since the cabin got pretty warm in the afternoon the day before, I opened most of the windows overnight to cool it off. The temperature inside the cabin was 62 degrees when I got up. I left the windows open and wore a jacket so the cabin would stay as cool as possible throughout the day.

I practiced the piano and then took one of six tubes of fertilizer into the woods bringing a big hammer and a short piece of rebar with me. I fertilized 12 trees, including Runty by driving the rebar into the ground just beyond the drip line of each tree to make four or five holes in the dirt around the tree. Then I poured fertilizer into each hole.

I was really happy to see that Ellen is recovering nicely from the injury over the winter. The splint was still holding, the injury was all but invisible, and the foliage above the injury seems to be as healthy looking as the rest of the branches. I took a picture of the tree.

I brought 5 gallons of water up to Andrew before I went in for lunch and a nap. When I got up, I practiced the piano for a while and then Bill called. We had a nice long conversation.

On Friday the temperature outside was 40 degrees when I got up. I practiced the piano, listened to the radio, had a short nap, and then some lunch. I left for home at 12:45 happy to have gotten the trees fertilized for the first time in a long time.

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