Bob, Pat and Tom

8/27/92 - This is actually Bob and Dave







6/15/04 - Bob looking at the log home album in the trailer.

6/15/04 - Bob and Earl in the cabin.

10/25/11 Bob, Gayle, and Denny in the temporary loft kitchen

10/25/11 Pat in the loft kitchen

10/25/11 Pat and Bob on the upper roadway

10/25/11 Pat in the parking area getting ready to say goodbye

10/23/13 Pat, Bob, and Paul at the 59'er Diner.

10/23/13 Bob and Pat arriving for a visit at Camp Serendipity.

10/23/13 Bob and Pat on the front porch with varnished ceiling boards in the drying rack.

10/23/13 Bob and Pat in the loft with the beginning of the first course of interior ceiling boards visible in the background.

10/23/13 Bob, Pat, and Paul posing in the living room.

10/23/13 Pat and Bob getting ready to leave.

10/23/13 Pat and Bob ready to leave.

10/21/14 Bob and Pat ready to leave after another visit.

10/21/14 Close-up of Bob and Pat.

9/15/15 Bob arriving at Camp Serendipity after a lunch at the 59'er Diner.

9/15/15 Pat on arrival on their more-or-less annual visit.

9/15/15 Robert, Bob, Pat, and Rob on the front porch.

9/15/15 Bob, Pat, and Robert

9/15/15 Pat looking out the back door.

9/15/15 Robert and Bob on the back porch.

10/10/17 Paul, Bob, and Pat having lunch in The Squirrel Tree.

10/10/17 Bob and Pat arriving at Camp Serendipity.

10/10/17 Bob and Pat looking at leaves at Camp Serendipity.

10/10/17 Pat and Bob in the cabin.

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