Family and Friends

This page will contain links to some miscellaneous pages involving family and friends.

Here is a write-up and picture gallery of a December 2013 visit by Paul, Ellen, Andrew, and Tianna to Uncle Charles in Monroe, the 59'er Diner, Camp Serendipity, and Leavenworth. We proved you can have fun even without snow.

Here is a picture of Paul visiting with Uncle Charles when Mark, Kurt, Heson, and Josh showed up.

This video shows Paul and Ellen XC skiing at the Nordic Center, relaxing at Camp Serendipity, and snowshoeing the back trails at Camp Serendipity.

This video shows people at Cam's Graduation party watching Duke fetch a ball out of the lake

This video shows the scene of the fire at the Whistling Post Tavern in Skykomish and Marilyn's interview with KIRO

This video shows fun family scenes as well as of me totaling my truck.

Qdog playing soccer with Bani Mendez 5/16/11

Qdog playing soccer 4/22/11

Family outing at Camp Serendipity 12/26-27/10.

Fall concert featuring Andrew and friends.

Trip to Florida to watch a shuttle launch.

A winter family outing at Camp Serendipity.

Paul's experience at the Hettinger ND 2007 Centennial reunion

Video of Quincy (AKA Qdog) playing ball

Playing pipe chimes with neighbors, 2007. "Auld Lang Syne"

Playing pipe chimes with neighbors, 2007. . . ."America"

Playing pipe chimes with neighbors, 2007. "Joy to the World"

Playing pipe chimes with neighbors, 2007. "We Wish You a Merry Christmas"

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