Construction Journal Entry Week of 12/3/17

12/5-7/17 I went up to Camp Serendipity for 3 days: Tuesday through Thursday.

There had been a new snowfall in the higher elevations, so the drive over was gorgeous. I arrived at 12:20, brought my gear up to the cabin, hoisted the flag, started a fire in the stove, and then had my lunch and a nap.

When I got up, I moved the bedroom furniture away from the Grid 1 wall and used my fancy saw carriage with its Skilsaw to cut the kerf along the lower log. This one was positioned a lot better than the one on the Grid E wall, so the job should be a lot easier.

When the kerf was cut, I cleaned up all the sawdust and then got two 8-foot baseboard 2x4s. It will take one and part of another to do the job. I decided to make the joint so it will be behind the bed so that means using the full 8-footer on the left. That's where I started. I pushed the bed back.

On Wednesday, Dave called right after breakfast and we had our usual delightful chat. Then I moved the bed back out of the way and went to work chiseling the notch under the kerf using the Bulldog. Then I made the Grid C1-D1 baseboard. The left end of it had to be fitted around the end of the plate under the bathroom wall. After a little cleaning up of the notch, the baseboard fit nicely and I nailed it in place.

After lunch and a nap, I made and fitted the Grid D1-E1 baseboard. This one had a miter cut in the right-hand end and some chiseling in addition to fit up against the chinking. It was also cut to length to butt against the other baseboard. After getting it to fit, I nailed it in place.

Then I picked up all the tools from the bedroom, cleaned up the chips and sawdust, vacuumed, and moved the furniture back. The baseboards in the bedroom were done and I was happy with how they turned out. I can now move on to the utility room which will be the end of the baseboard job. That should keep the mice out of the cabin for good.

On Thursday morning, Robert called and told me that he would try to get up to Camp Serendipity next week or the week after. He was concerned that the upper roadway was going to be wide enough for his skidder. He needs 8 feet.

Next, I split two big rounds of firewood and stacked the pieces. Then I measured the upper roadway and determined that there is at least 8 feet of width, so Robert should be OK. Then I went back into the cabin, put away all the tools, and vacuumed the loft stairs and the entire first floor. Then I had my lunch, packed up, and left for home at 12:30 feeling good about the progress.

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