Construction Journal Entry Week of 3/10/19

3/12-14/19 I went up to Camp Serendipity for 3 days: Tuesday through Thursday.

I was feeling a lot better, but still not quite 100%. The drive over was beautiful with all the trees covered with new snow. The road was bare, and the traffic was light. I stopped and visited with Earl for a while before I continued on to Camp Serendipity.

I arrived at 1:30, drove in, turned around, and parked at the foot of the concrete stairs in 2wd in spite of the 3" of snow on the ground. I carried my gear up to the cabin in one trip without shoveling the snow off the steps. I hoisted the flag, built a fire in the stove, and then had my lunch and a nap.

When I got up, I carried a bunch of firewood up onto the back porch and shoveled some of the snow off the back porch and steps.

On Wednesday, I used the 80-grit sandpaper I had brought with me to sand all fourteen 2x4s for the loft rails.

After lunch and a nap, I split and stacked about a week's supply of firewood and I hauled a bunch of it up onto the back porch deck. Then I used a square-nose shovel to chip and scoop away some more ice and frozen snow from the back porch and steps.

Next, I went out on the front porch and set up a varnishing rack for the 2x4s. The plan was to remove the dust from each of the 2x4s and then stack them in a long row on top of two 2x4s making up the rack on top of the big sawhorses. Then, one by one, I would move one 2x4 from its position on the rack, varnish it, and then replace it on the rack. I would continue in this manner until all of them were varnished. That way, all the varnishing would be done from one comfortable position next to the workbench.

On Thursday morning, I executed my varnishing plan by brooming the dust off each 2x4 and placing it on the rack. Then I varnished each piece according to plan. It went very well.

I wasn't sure whether the weather would be warm enough to allow the varnish to dry so I set up an electric radiant heater on the workbench aimed at the rack of 2x4s. The temperature outside was about 30 but the day ahead was going to be sunny and by mid-day, the rack would be in direct sun. Since I have used Varathane in freezing weather before, I know that it dries OK but it just takes longer. I expect that when I return next week, the varnish will be dry and hard, ready for sanding and the next coat.

After having my lunch, I left for home at 12:30 happy about finally making some building progress.

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