Construction Journal Entry Week of 11/12/23

11/13-17/23 I went up to Camp Serendipity for five days: Monday through Friday.

On the way I stopped at Lowe's and bought 2 10-foot lengths of three-quarter inch electrical conduit. There was a light rain most of the way. I stopped at Marilyn's to use her bathroom and then proceeded on to Camp Serendipity. Fortunately, there was no rain when I arrived at 1:10. I brought my gear up in two trips, hoisted the flag, and had my lunch and a nap. I overslept and when I woke up it was time for a fire in the stove and my shower. I used the pistachio shell method to start the fire again and it worked like a charm.

On Tuesday morning it was 20 degrees and sunny outside. I practiced the piano and listened to the radio for a while.

I had been concerned about the conduit I had bought; it seemed too heavy and too big. I did a careful measurement using a big crescent wrench as a micrometer and discovered that the pipes really were too big. I left them in the truck and decided to exchange them for the correct pipes when I get back home.

The power went out at 10:14 AM but it came back on at 10:53. I reset a couple clocks, resumed listening to the radio, and then did some reading.

After lunch and a nap, I walked to the grave. It was sunny and 25 degrees and only an occasional light wind. When I got back, I practiced the piano.

On Wednesday I practiced the piano, listened to the radio, and then searched for parts that I would need to make my mortar board stand and made a list of parts I needed to buy. Then I had my lunch and a nap.

When I got up, I walked to the bridge then I practiced some more on the piano. I heard a knock at the front door, and I went down and greeted Dean and his dog River. He had brought a treat that his wife had made. I told him "Thank You" and that I would like for her to come and see the cabin sometime. We went upstairs and I showed him the bronze Mount Rainier model. Then I played a little bit from a few pieces on the piano. He especially liked the Chopin pieces.

On Thursday I practiced the piano, listened to the radio, and then walked to the grave. Then I had my lunch and a nap and overslept again. When I got up, I filled the water jugs and staged them in the entryway. Next, I practiced the piano for a while and then I went to work on a short length of three-quarter inch conduit so I could use it as a gauge for the dowels I needed to tie the conduit together. Then I called Les Schwab and got an estimate for replacing both leaf springs in the truck. They quoted $1800.

On Friday I practiced the piano and then Robert called. He caught me up on his activities and things seem to be going well for him. Then I loaded the jugs into the truck, listened to the radio, had my lunch, and left for home at 12:20. The week was a little disappointing, but things could have been worse.

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