Northern Loop Trail, Part 1 of 6

The Northern Loop Trail is in the northwestern part of Mt. Rainier National Park. It forms a loop by joining with a portion of the Wonderland Trail just east of Ipsut Creek Campground and again just west of Sunrise. The loop encircles a remote, difficult to access, area that includes Vernal Park and Elysian Fields. We hiked this loop in the clockwise direction so Paul had his eyes to the right a good part of the way looking for a reasonable way into Elysian Fields.

Here is Ellen at the trailhead where the Northern Loop Trail leaves the Wonderland Trail a mile or two out of Ipsut Creek.

Paul on the trail as it ascends steeply to the east.

Paul in wildflowers high above the valley.

Ellen at the same spot with the Yellowstone Cliffs above.

The Yellowstone Cliffs from higher up.

Ellen with our first view of the saddle (directly above her) that we think is the easiest route to Elysian Fields.

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