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This is the third version of our web site. I (Paul) want to especially acknowledge my wonderful and beloved wife, Ellen, for designing and building the first version, and for dragging me, kicking and screaming, into the Internet age, and for supporting my efforts to build not only this web site, but also the log house itself. My special thanks also go out to:

Dave Martin (son) co-founder and President of Manage Inc., our ISP and web site host.

Dr. Dick Stafford for invaluable help with HTML and for building several of the early pages for us.

Mike Pearson, author of "Clearly Marked Fiction", for a much needed kick in the pants to get this version of our site launched.

The faithful readers of my Construction Journal Entries, especially those who kept reading across the discontinuity between this and the previous version of our site. Those people are: Gayle Howe (sister), John Martin (brother), Dr. Dick Stafford, Mitch Otaki, Mike Golub, Peggy Weeks, and Bradley Lau.

And, a special thanks to you for visiting our site.

Interesting Links...

...At least these links are interesting to me. From them, you can get a glimpse of some of the things I am interested in:.

If you are interested in how I learned how to build a log house, and how I gained the confidence that I could do it myself, check out Skip Ellsworth
If you are interested in other log house projects like ours, check out Paul Kahle and Our Log House
If you are interested in mathematics, physics, or cosmology, check out Dr. Dick Stafford, where he presents his proof that physics is a mathematical tautology.
If you are interested in flights of fancy, check out Mike Pearson. See also my review of his book.
If you are interested in original oil painting by a great artist, check out Bob Owen
If you are interested in cosmological theory by the person with the highest known IQ in the world, check out Christopher Langan

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