Construction Journal Entry Week of 11/4/18

11/6-8/18 I went up to Camp Serendipity for 3 days: Tuesday through Thursday.

Robert called before I left and told me that he wouldn't be up at Camp Serendipity today because he was working a job on North Shore Road. It rained most of the way over but at the very top of the pass it was snowing. The rain had pretty much stopped by the time I got to Lake Wenatchee.

I stopped in and visited with Earl for a while and was happy to find him in good spirits. When I left Earl's, I stopped in where Robert and Roger were working and had a look at what they were doing. Then I proceeded on to Camp Serendipity.

I arrived at 1:55, brought my gear up to the cabin, hoisted the flag, built a fire in the stove and had my lunch and a nice nap. It was fairly late when I got up so I got no substantial work done.

On Wednesday morning the temperature outside was 25. I split up a big firewood round before I built a fire and had my breakfast. Robert and Roger showed up at 7:30 and I joined them working in the back woods. Robert drove the skidder all the way up and used it to make a skid trail up to the big old pine tree that had fallen a few years ago. There were also some grand firs up there that he wanted to harvest.

Robert bucked the big old pine trunk and skidded the good logs down to the top of the bluff. He felled two big grand firs; he and Roger limbed them, bucked them, and skidded them out in turn and pushed the logs into the pile at the top of the bluff. Robert also felled a danger tree in the riparian zone.

The three of us went down to the cabin for lunch and then went down and moved the jammer to get it out of the way. Robert used his loader to pick the jammer up and set it on short logs. Roger left and I helped Robert tighten the lug nuts on his dump truck. Then he left at about 4:00.

On Thursday morning the temperature outside was 20. I got a call from Robert saying that he had arranged for a log truck to pick up our fir logs and that he would be right over. It is hard to find and schedule a log truck with a self-loader on it so he had to grab this opportunity while he could. We weren't quite ready but before the log truck got there, Roger and I went up on the bluff and chokered logs while Robert pulled the logs down off the bluff with his skidder.

The log truck showed up just as the last logs went over the cliff. Then while Jack Van Puyen loaded logs onto his truck, Robert stacked the logs from the base of the cliff onto the log deck after Roger did some bucking of some of them. The truck was loaded and took the logs away by 11:30. Roger and Robert left shortly after that. I had my lunch and left for home by 1:00.

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